Celebration Plaques

“…the two shall be one flesh”

Paul to the Ephesians

This Memorial is not just about remembering those who have gone before.   We also want to celebrate life and provide you with an opportunity to express your regard for the living. We all have important occasions that are worthy of recognition and now you have a place to let that be known.

Weddings, Sealings & Anniversaries.  Marriage is a beautiful moment in our lives – when two hearts become one and commit themselves to love and serve each other forever. Capture that important moment in stone. These celebration plaques are a great surprise gift for the newlyweds, for sealings, or as an anniversary gift to your spouse or parents.

Missions. This coming of age event is a turning point in so many young lives as they serve full time with their heart, mind and soul. Now you can list them, their mission, and the dates they served. A poignant reminder of where so many people find themselves and their life’s focus.

Other Special Occasions.   If you have another life event you want to celebrate just let us know.

“God, the best maker of all marriages, combine your hearts in one.”

William Shakespeare