Donations & Sponsorship


We are also offering a limited opportunity to sponsor some of the key assets of the project such as the statues, stained glass, benches, bridges, trees, missionary wall and historical plaques. Each can be dedicated in memory of your own family or ancestor.

Even if you cannot sponsor us it is worth viewing the links below to get a sense of the scope and feel of what the Memorial will be celebrating.

These links give a detailed summary of what memorials are available to sponsor.

Prices will be added once all factors of design, creation, shipping, and instalment have been considered. You can temporarily reserve an item while you wait for us to work things out. No obligation, but it prevents something you love from being taken.

We can only have one of each of the listed feature memorials so first come first served. Some are a one of a kind piece of art, so if a particular quote, hymn or individual touches your heart please reserve it today to avoid disappointment. We will indicate on the web page when something has been reserved.

On the Isles of The Sea

We will be following each of these artists, craftsmen and memorials with photographic journals and videos, so make sure you sign up here for the free, monthly e-newsletter.