The Hartwood Pioneer Memorial Wall is a place for reflection and celebration. Of a life, an event or a whole family. That is why we have a range of memorial options you can choose from to meet your own criteria, not ours. However you wish to remember, with a plaque, memory box or simply flowers we have an option for you.

You can also pay tribute to your ancestry in the form of Statues, Stained Glass, Feature Plaques created by some incredible artists.

Memory Boxes

Preserve cherished items

Memory boxes allow you to preserve cherished memorabilia of your loved one.   You could include things like a special sweater, those iconic reading glasses, his favourite book, or her trademark recipe.  They could be items with a story behind them or simple symbols of their life, dedication and service.  You could include a synopsis of their life, a newspaper of the day, or….well…you decide.

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We'll build on the rock they planted

Ruth May Fox

Memorial Plaques

Honouring Loved Ones

Memorial plaques are a tender way to honour and remember a much loved family member or friend – a physical reminder of their life and legacy. This sacred spot is rather like standing at a war memorial or in Westminster Abbey where we know their bodies might be elsewhere, but we still find comfort and even delight in seeing their names in stone.

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“God be with you till we meet again”

Jeremiah E. Rankin

Living Memories

A digital memory

Modern technology allows you to remember your friends and family in a whole new way.  The Memorial’s visitor centre includes screens where your family can gather to see and hear them.

You will once again hear the sound of their voice, that gentle laugh, that endearing speech impediment, that moving testimony, an inspiring story, or funny anecdote.  Once again you will see that twinkle in their eye, that wisp of hair, or that smiling face.  Future generations can ‘meet’ their grandparents and hear them laugh, testify, share their hopes and wishes for their posterity.

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““I am who I am because you are who you are.”


Celebration Plaques

Cherish life events

Marriage is a beautiful moment in our lives – when two hearts become one and commit themselves to love and serve each other forever. Capture that important moment in stone.  These celebration plaques are a great surprise gift for the newlyweds, or as an anniversary gift to your spouse or parents.

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“…the two shall be one flesh”

Paul to the Ephesians