Our Services

Payment Plans

Designed to help you spread the cost

We are often counselled to be prepared in all things, but preparing for death is often one of those things we avoid or tend to procrastinate. Our payment plan allows you to spread the cost of the Memorial of your choice.

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“God shall be my hope, My stay, my guide, and lantern to my feet.”

William Shakespeare

Peace of mind cover

For peace of mind

Our peace of mind cover means with our payment plan you can spread the cost and be safe in the knowledge, that if anything should happen the cost will be covered for you.

“Now, God be praised, that to believing souls gives light in darkness, comfort in despair”

William Shakespeare

Maintenance Fund

Our own funds for future care

As we have developed this project we have visited many graveyards and memorials to identify good ideas and best practices. We have been shocked at how many places allow their grounds and memorials to fall into disrepair. Instead of a place of solace and peace they have become places of decay and an eyesore. We do not want that to happen here.

We have set up a maintenance fund which will operate from the interest it creates – a trust fund which will always be there to ensure the grounds are maintained to a high standard of care.

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“One generation plants the tree, another gets the shade”

Chinese Proverb

Gift Services

Remembrance from afar

Our gift services allow you to preorder flowers for your visit, or to place an order when you want to pay your respects but are unable to travel for a visit.

For memorial plaques floral gifts could be on the anniversary of their death, on their birthday, as a Christmas or Easter present, or just… because.

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“Be Still, and know that I am God.”

Psalm 46:10